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Privacy Pop Up Tent

This privacy pop up tent is simple, lightweight, and it is designed to open instantly; easy to carry around while hiking, camping, fishing and more.

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  • Premium water-repellent 191-D nylon polyester to prevent from harmful UV rays and rain
  • 5 metal mounting stakes ensure stability and your safety in extreme conditions
  • The integrated clothesline and ceiling hook to hang clothes, lanterns, and other items
  • Privacy pop up tent designed to open instantly, and allows you to carry it around anywhere


If you want simple, fast, and lightweight, then ENKEEO privacy pop up tent has met you! Our pop up tent is made out of high-density waterproof 191-D nylon polyester. It blocks harmful UV rays and offers an excellent shelter against sunlight or rain, this premium material expands the serving life at the same time. A removable rain cover is equipped on the top, which keeps moisture, rain and insects out of the privacy pop up tent. A wear-resistant zipper helps you to zip or unzip the tent conveniently. The extra addition of entrance and 2 windows enhance inner air circulation. You can zip up the tent to create a changing room, or use the cordlocks to roll the nylon fabric for better ventilation.

A proper companion in your trip to give comfort and convenience, our multifunctional pop up tent is a nice choice with durability and practicality. This sturdy tent has 5 metal mounting stakes, ensuring stability and your safety in windy and extreme conditions. Features a lightweight design, this privacy pop up tent is easy for carrying with the only weight of 4.4 lbs (2 kg). You are allowed to carry it around with ease while hiking, camping, fishing, or when doing any other outdoor activities. It features a hanging built-in sachet for you to store things. A durable integrated clothesline is included for you to hang wet clothes or towels, the ceiling hook of this privacy pop up tent can be used to hang a camping lantern or other objects. A floor mat to keep your private place clean and dry, it can be also used as a picnic mat if needed.

Unlike other traditional tents which need tools or poles to complete the installation, ENKEEO privacy pop up tent does not require poles to set up, simply take it out and it opens automatically in seconds. After the pop-up, it comes with a dimension of 120 cm x 120 cm x 190 cm (47 inches x 47 inches x 74.8 inches), enables a spacious space to sleep or keep privacy. Furthermore, it is collapsible. You can effortlessly fold the privacy pop up tent into a flat circle of 59 cm x 5 cm/23.2 inches x 2 inches, and carry it around anywhere you need privacy. Thus, wherever you go, take it to give you a private place for taking a rest, changing clothes, taking a shower and so on.

This privacy pop up tent is brought to you by ENKEEO, your supplier of high-quality indoor and outdoor sports equipment for travel enthusiasts, adventurers, and athletes.


Product specifications

Color: Green

Material: 191-D nylon polyester, flexible steel

Dimensions (open): 47 x 47 x 75 inches (120 x 120 x 190 cm)

Dimensions (closed): φ 23" x 2" (φ 59 cm x 5 cm)

Net weight: 4.4 lbs (2 kg)


Package includes

1 x Privacy pop up tent

1 x Carry bag

5 x Metal mounting stakes

1 x Removable rain fly

1 x Removable floor mat

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