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Tactical Vest

Comfortable, durable, easy to wear and release; the ENKEEO tactical vest is able to store small items and can be used in multiple situations.

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  • Made with 600D high-density nylon, the tactical vest is for great durability and comfort.
  • Featuring five removable accessories pouches, the vest is a great flexible space saver.
  • Touch fasteners design and waist straps allow the Molle to be easily worn and released.
  • Suitable in many cases, including tactical training, painting, hunting, and more.

    This ENKEEO tactical vest is constructed with outstanding quality materials for great comfort and durability. The vest is made of 600D high-density nylon fabric, featuring strong tensile strength and wear-resistance while also ensuring great comfort. In addition, the modular plate carrier is strong and durable enough for long term use. It adopts heavy duty Molle webbing system for attaching patches to keep your gear organized and accessible. You can use it to carry any small equipment with ease. It is perfect for your tactical training, paintball, airsoft, shooting, hunting, CS, or even long-distance backpacking. All pouches are removable and easy to carry. The tactical vest is great for saving space and it makes your trip hassle-free by keeping items easy to access at any time.

    Featuring a touch fastener design around the waist, this tactical vest is easy to wear and release. You can freely adjust the straps on the shoulders and waist to make it fit your physique. The high flexibility of the vest ensures a secure fit and also allows the freedom to move for maximum comfort. In addition, the quick release CIRAS system allows for a fast escape in the case of an emergency. The modular plate carrier is packaged with 5 accessory pouches, featuring a map flashlight pouch with touch fasteners and a zippered Molle pouch. They allow the tactical vest to  smoothly satisfy the load needs of different items. It offers great convenience to store your flashlights, guns, maps, walkie-talkie, wallet, and more. .

    The tactical vest distinguishes itself from other vests with its versatile usage. It can be used in many situations and it often serves as a great space saver, especially for long-distance hikers. It is perfect for protecting your body from harm with its durable encryption nylon. You can wear it for a pretty long time and you can even save it for the next generation. For extra protection, you can even insert a bullet proof plate at the inside of your vest. The removable pouches make the tactical vest more convenient and flexible to use.

    This tactical vest is brought to you by ENKEEO, your supplier of high-quality indoor and outdoor sports equipment for travel enthusiasts, adventurers, and athletes.


    Product specifications

    Material: 600D nylon fabric

    Dimension: 18.9 x 20 inches (48 x 51 cm)

    Net weight: 2.69 lbs (1.22 kg)


    Package Includes

    1 x ENKEEO tactical vest

    1 x Thank you card             

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